Teaching a Child to Pray in Bible Class

Lately I’ve been thinking about what an honour it is to teach a child to pray.  Hopefully, this is only a beginning of a life of prayer.  What will this child pray about in the years to come?  Will they pray for me when I am old?

I am drawn closer to God when I hear a young one pray.  When a child prays to God about a sick pet or a scary “monster” I am reminded that my Heavenly Father also listens to my heartfelt prayers and cares about my concerns and fears.

I’ve created a page on my website called Prayer in Bible Class to help teachers guide their students in prayer.

Here are a few of the topics covered in Prayer in Bible Class:

  • Who and What Children Pray About
  • Respecting Children
  • Inappropriate or Silly Prayers:
  • Celebrate the Answers!
  • Finish the Sentence Prayer
  • Chain Prayer
  • Prayer Pail
  • Five Finger Prayer
  • Prayer Tree
  • Post-It Prayers
  • Bible Stories that Emphasise the Theme of Prayer

And Here are a few videos I’ve found about children praying. They really made me think so I thought I would share.

Kid’s Prayers (1 minute 50 seconds)

Innocent Prayers of Children (1 minute and 44 seconds)

What do children pray for? (1 minute and 8 seconds)

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