My God is So Big!

Our God is So BigA friend of mine shared a wonderful website with me today.  The site features size comparisons of various objects in our world.  A scroll bar across the lower portion of the page can be moved right and left to zoom in and out.  You can zoom in to view items well beyond what you would see even with a microscope.  Or you can zoom out to see size comparisons of planets and galaxies and outer space.  My words cannot do this justice.  You need to visit to see it for yourself.  The picture above is from the site.  I think both adults and children would enjoy this.

(Note: You will have to click “start” and then be patient while it loads.  It took about 1 minute on my computer.)

As we were viewing this site today we talked about how truly amazing God is.  He is the creator of our universe.  His creativity covers the most minute inner workings of a cell up to galaxies and stars beyond our view.   And, of course, the song that comes to mind is My God is So Big!

This would be a great thing to show children when you teach about God Creating the World.  If you are someone you know has a tablet, phone or laptop and an internet connection then you could show the children in class.  Or perhaps you can visit someone’s home or an internet cafe to have a look.

As you and the children look through the viewer use the time to “chat” about God and how amazing he is.

I’ve added it to my list of  resources on the Creation Story so I will have it on hand when I next teach about the Creation.

God is amazing, isn’t he?

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