Want to Make It Official?



I would imagine that most of us have been teaching children in ministry or church settings that do not require any professional qualifications.  Churches and ministries around the world are blessed by this dedication and heart for children.

Some of us, however, would like to add to what we know in a way that leads to a more professional qualification.  This may come from a personal desire for excellence or to add a professional qualification to a Curriculum Vitae.

In the spirit of sharing good resources I’m letting you know about a unique opportunity offered by Oklahoma Christian University in the USA.

In an online course that can be done in as little as one year students can earn a Certification in Children’s Ministry from a recognised university.   The studies are done online and the cost is very low when compared to any other university studies.  A previous degree is not required.

Here is a quote from their website:

“OC’s Certification in Children’s Ministry is designed for anyone interested in ministering to children, but lacks the necessary preparation and training to do so effectively. It is ideal for those who are:

  • Interested in a lifetime commitment to ministering to children and their families
  • Presently leading the children’s ministry in congregations
  • Graduates who now want to specialize in children’s ministry
  • Ministry leaders or Bible class teachers desiring to acquire specialized training in children’s ministry
  • And you will receive this Certification from the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University without quitting your job or moving! “


So, for those of us who continue to use good resources and help lead children into a relationship with Christ, “keep up the good work!”

For those of us who would like to make it “more official” click here for more details.


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