Class Schedule for Infants and Toddlers

The following is a simple class schedule for a 45 minute Bible Class.

(“Finding My Feet” is written by Mary Nelson for Walkin’ the Way)

Welcome Time

(15 minutes)
On the mat in the soft corner

  • Time to Settle in and free play.
  • Personal welcome.
  • Music or singing.

Bible Time

(5 minutes)
Sitting in hook-on chairs at a secured table

  • Learning to respect God’s Word
  • Routines and handling Bibles

Bible Lesson

(15 minutes)
Still sitting in hook-on chairs at the secured table

  • A simple thought or lesson from God’s Word using sensory activities
  • Craft (optional)
  • Prayer ( learning to fold hands and close eyes to pray)
  • Snack (simple healthy snack ie. cracker, fruit, water)

Closing Time

(10 minutes)
On the mat in the soft corner

  • Quiet activities to settle down.
    • Playing with baby dolls to cuddle and feed them and rock them to sleep.
    • Reading a book or looking at pictures.
    • Resting in the soft pillows.
  • Quiet music or nature sounds.
  • Parents collect the children.

Infant and Toddler Resources

Demonstration Video for Teaching Infants and Toddlers

Finding My Feet_Parent Brochure

Free Lessons to Download and Print

Understanding Infants and Toddlers

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