Lessons for Infants and Toddlers- Ages 0-2

Most of the teaching material on this website relates to children aged three and older but the section you have now clicked on is specific to Infants and Toddlers (ages 0-2).

Permission to Download

You may download and use these infant and toddler lessons free of cost for your personal or church use but please do not otherwise reproduce or distribute them without direct permission from Mary Nelson at mary@missionbibleclass.org

Finding My Feet

Finding My Feet is the infant and toddler portion of a larger curriculum called Walkin’ the Way© and refers to the beginning of a life-long discipleship journey and walk with God.   The Finding My Feet lessons are written by Mary Nelson specifically for infants and toddlers aged 0-2 and are made available free on this website.

Walkin’ the Way©walkintheway_final_logo2

Walkin the Way© is a curriculum project led by Kayla Robinson in conjunction with Mission Bible Class and the Otumoetai Church of Christ (Tauranga, New Zealand).


Free “Finding My Feet” Downloads

Finding My Feet_Parent Brochure and Overview

Instructions and Outlines for Teaching

  1. Welcome Time (first 15 minutes of class)
  2. Bible Time (5 minutes at the teaching table)
  3. Bible Lesson (15 minute Bible lesson , at the teaching table)
    (Choose a Bible Lesson from one of the lists below)
  4. Closing Time (last 10 minutes of class)


Bible Lesson Series: “God Created”Creation_Theme Overview1


Bible Lesson Series: “God is With Me”God With Me_Theme Overview1


Bible Lesson Series: “My Friend Jesus”Jesus_Theme Overview1

13 Responses to Lessons for Infants and Toddlers- Ages 0-2

  1. leslie laughlin says:

    wow i am flabbergasted!!! This is an amazing Bible curiculumn you have made here. I cant wait to see what you have next!! God Bless you!

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