Acts (Paul Spreads the Gospel and Plants Churches in Asia and Greece)

An Angry Crowd in Lystra-Paul’s 1st Journey
Acts 14:8-20
Theme: Dangers of following the crowd
Macedonian Vision-Paul’s 2nd Journey
Acts 15:36-41; 16:1-10
Theme: Missionaries
Lydia Becomes a Christian
Acts 16:11-15
Theme: Baptism
A Jailer Becomes a Christian
Acts 16:16-40
Theme: Rejoicing despite our circumstances
Memory Verse: Philipians 4:4
The Noble Bereans
Acts 17:1-15
Theme: Studying the Scriptures
Memory Verse: 2 Timothy 2:15
Paul Preaches in Athens-Mars Hill
Acts 17:16-34
Theme: Idols
Priscilla and Aquila
Acts 18:1-8, 18-28
Theme: Teaching about Jesus no matter our profession
Paul and the Dark Powers at Ephesus- Paul’s 3rd Journey
Acts 19:1-41
Theme: God is stronger than sorcery, magic, witchcraft or horoscopes
Eutychus Falls from a Window
Acts 20:7-12
Theme: Respect, good manners and listening during church assembly
Memory Verse: Romans 10:17


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  1. These lessons are helping me teach Bible to my second graders. The kids love the slide shows. Thank you so much!

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