Abraham Prepares to Sacrifice Isaac

6_Abraham Sacrifice IsaacScripture Reference: Genesis 22:1-18; Hebrews 11:17-19

Story Overview: The Lord had promised Abraham that Isaac would be the son through which a great nation would come. Abraham’s faith was tested when the Lord asked him to sacrifice Isaac on an altar. Through faith, Abraham was willing to obey God but an angel stopped the sacrifice.

Suggested Emphasis or Theme: We should be willing to give up (sacrifice) anything if it will help us to serve God better.

Background Study Way to Introduce the Story The Story
Review Questions Craft and Activity Ideas Other Online Resources

Background Study:


Way to Introduce the Story:

Ask for volunteers to be blindfolded. Tell them to open their mouth because you are going to give them something to eat. “Do you trust me? What if I am giving you a yucky worm or a rotten apple to eat?” Continue in this train of thought for a little while and then put something VERY tasty in their mouth (lolly-pop, biscuit, etc.) Discuss what it felt like to trust someone when you did not know what they were going to do. “Abraham trusted God even when he did not understand what God was going to do.”

The Story:

Ways to Tell the Story:

This story can be told using a variety of methods.  Always remain true to the facts found in the Bible but help children connect to its meaning by using drama, visual aids, voice inflection, student interaction and/or emotion.
Click here for visual aids and story-telling methods.


Review Questions:

  1. What did God tell Abraham to do with his son, Isaac? Take him to Mount Moriah, kill him, and offer him as a burnt offering sacrifice.
  2. What happened when Abraham was just about to kill Isaac? An angel stopped him.
  3. God did not really want Abraham to kill his son. Why did he ask Abraham to do it? It was a test of his faith.


Craft and Activity Ideas:

(How to choose the best learning activities for my teaching situation)

  • Discuss things that we might have to sacrifice (give up) to serve God better. Examples: Our favourite TV program if it comes on during worship time, toys or clothes to someone whose house burned, popularity, bad habits, etc.
  • Older children can discuss Matthew 5:29-30
  • Discuss things that people might love more than God. TV, sports, being famous, etc.
  • The more abstract ideas in the lesson today can be made clearer to younger children by emphasising the fact that Abraham obeyed God and so should they. How can they obey God? Make it practical for them.
  • Recite the memory verse (Proverbs 3:5) together. Make up a tune and sing it. Whisper it. Say it in a high voice, low voice, baby voice, old person voice . . . repeating the verse over and over will be fun when done this way. After the class has done this together a few times ask for volunteers to say (or sing or whisper) the verse to the class.
  • Invite a guest to speak to the class today. A Christian who has had to give up something to follow Christ.
  • Have children draw a picture of an altar. They should then write the important things in their life on the top of the altar to show that they give all of these things to God and that He is the most important part of their lives.
  • Check the Teaching Ideas page on this website for ideas that are adaptable to any lesson.
  • Abraham Isaac Jacob_Pinterest Board Find other ideas on the Pinterest Board:Abraham, Isaac and Jacob


Other Online Resources:


10 Responses to Abraham Prepares to Sacrifice Isaac

  1. marivic says:

    Great ideas for kids ministry. I am bless!

  2. Marla says:

    Website update for the Calvary Chapel support curriculum for this lesson (crossword puzzle, coloring page, etc.) http://children.cccm.com/OTSupportCurriculumPDF/020AbrahamOffersIsaac.pdf

    • Mary says:

      Thank your for letting me know about that. I’ve corrected it above. I really appreciate the good work you all do offering these free resources!

  3. Sandy says:

    I did this introduction with my class last week. The one child that didn’t trust me said that she thought I was going to put paper in her mouth. (I guess it was because she heard the bag rattle as I was pulling a potato chip out.) Anyway, this was such a GOOD illustration of trust. i went on to explain that by opening their mouths, they received the treat. That’s why we say that we “receive” Christ. He waits on us to accept Him before He enters our hearts.

    • Mary says:

      Sandy, I like this idea for teaching trust. My guess is that you blindfolded the child and then put food in their mouths? The one child really displayed trust if they were going to let you put what they thought was paper in her mouth.

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