Creation through Noah


God Created the World (Days 1-7 Combined)
Genesis 1:1-2:3
Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1
Day 1-God Created Light
Genesis 1: 1-5
Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1
Day 2-God Created Sky and Water
Genesis 1:6-8
Day 3-God Created Land and Plants
Genesis 1:9-13
Memory Verse: John 1:3
Day 4-God Created Sun, Moon, and Stars
Genesis 1:14-19
Day 5-God Created Birds and Fish
Genesis 1:20-23
Day 6-God Created Animals and People
Genesis 1:24-27; 2:7, 18-25
Day 7-God Rested
Genesis 1:1 and 2:1-3
Theme: Rest and Reflection
The Fall of Man
Genesis 2:15-17 and 3:1-24
Theme: Satan and temptation
Memory Verse: James 4:7
Cain and Abel
Genesis 4:1-16, 25
Theme: Giving our best to God
 Noah Builds an Ark and Loads Animals
Genesis 6:1-7:16
Theme: Follow God’s Instructions
The Flood and God’s Promise
Genesis 7:11-9:17
Theme: God keeps His promises


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