Song Cards for Bible Class

  • In this video you will learn how to make song cards so that children can choose which songs to sing in class.
  • Song cards can be adapted to any story, age group or teaching situation.


  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Pen or Pencil
  4. Tape or Blue-tac
  5. Links to Song Videos


  1. Choose songs you would like to sing in class.
  2. Mark off squares on a paper.
  3. Write song titles (or draw pictures depicting them) on the squares.
  4. Cut the squares out to form cards.

Various Ways to Use the Cards:

  1. Tape the cards to a wall or board.  Children take turns choosing a card to be sung in class.
  2. Simply lay the cards on the table (face up) and let the children choose a song to sing.
  3. Lay the cards face down on a table and let the children choose a song to sing.
  4. Fold up the cards and place them in a basket or bowl.  Children draw out a card to choose a song.
  5. Provide supplies and help the children make their own song cards.

Click here to listen to real teachers singing songs

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