Spinner Review Game

  • This simple teaching idea can be adapted to any story, age group or teaching situation.
  • In the video instructions I used these questions from the tory of Simon the Sorcerer as an example.


  1. Pencil or pen
  2. Paper
  3. Paper-clip


  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Draw lines across the circle to form “wedges” (like pizza slices)
  3. Write questions inside the wedges.
  4. Place the paper-clip on the center of the circle (where all the lines meet) and hold it in place with the tip of the pencil.
  5. While holding the pencil tip down with one hand use a finger on your other hand to “flick” the paper-clip and make it spin around the pencil tip.
  6. When the paper-clip stops spinning the loose end of it should rest in one of the wedges.  Children answer the question you have written in that wedge.


  1. Ask the children to make their own spinner games with questions they think of.  They can colour and decorate the spinner circle.  This is a nice take-home activity because they can continue to play at home.
  2. Use the game to help memorise a verse.  Write actions in the wedges such as “read the verse in the Bible”  or “write the verse on the board” or even “whisper the verse”.  Children take turns spinning and following the instruction the spinner lands on.
  3. Write song titles in the wedges and let children take turns spinning to choose songs to sing.
  4. Choose scripture references that go along with the day’s lesson.  Early arrivals to class can spin and look up those passages in their Bibles.
  5. Write situations in the wedges.  These can be applications of the day’s story or theme.  Children spin to the situation and then discuss what they might do in that circumstance.  For example “When I am at my friend’s house he/she turns on a TV show that my mum and dad said I am not allowed to watch.  What should I do?”
  6. For small children try drawing pictures in the wedges instead of writing words.

In the video instructions I used these questions from the Simon the Sorcerer Story as an example.

  1. What was the name of the Sorcerer who practiced magic in Samaria?  Simon
  2. Did Simon the Sorcerer become a Christian?  Yes
  3. What happened when the apostles laid hands on people in Samaria?  They received the power to do miracles.
  4. What did Simon the Sorcerer want to buy from the Apostles?  The ability to give people the power to do miracles.
  5. What is the difference between a “magic trick” and a miracle from God?  A magic trick is just a trick to fool you.  The magician makes you think there is magic.  A miracle is something that God really makes happen that human beings could never make happen no matter how hard they tried.

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