Life Application Activities

Knowledge of God’s Word

When we share the Word of God with children, we share facts and reveal important new knowledge.  To truly know God and His will, a child must hear what he has to say.  As teachers, we make it clear to children that the Bible is the Word of God.  As Christians, we model a burning desire to listen to what God has to say.

Applying God’s Word to the Heart

The Word of God moves and convicts each of us. When a child listens to God’s Word, he or she may respond with emotions such as guilt, conviction, joy, trust, peace or compelling mercy toward others.  As teachers, we should intentionally allow opportunity for this important response and not just rush through a lesson.

Applying God’s Word to Everyday Life

The new knowledge and response are naturally followed by an inspiration or conviction emotional reaction that inspires and convicts us to act out God’s will in our lives.  As teachers, we should guide children in exploring ways they might be obedient to God in new or changed thinking, behaviour and/or action.

Suggested Application Activities


Acrostic Applications

Choose a keyword (or words) and write the letters of the word vertically down the left side of the paper. Guide children in thinking of related words that begin with those letters.


Drawing Contrasts

Consider the application from 2 aspects so that you will be able to guide the children in contrasting the two. These are usually applications of whatever the theme of the story is.


Inductive Bible Study

Inductive Bible study encourages the student to read a Scripture from the Bible and then draw conclusions and applications.


Lemons and Lollipops

Describe situations that relate to the children. If the person in the situation makes a bad choice, the children lick the lemon. If the person in the situation makes a good choice, then the children lick the lollipop.


Situation Cards

Before class, the teacher writes situations on cards. In class, the students take turns choosing cards and reading the situations. Teachers guide the conversation as the students describe what they might choose to do in various situations.


Things Matter (Conversations)

A variety of items (things) are used to stimulate conversation and to help children make an application of Biblical truths to their own everyday life situations.


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