Things Matter: Conversations


A variety of items (things) are used to stimulate conversation and to help children make application of the Biblical truths to their own everyday life situations.

You can watch the 2 and 1/2 minute video above or read the written instructions below.  The Bible lesson used in the video are Sodom and Gomorrah and The Tabernacle.


  • A few items to prompt conversation.  There are not many parameters to this collection so just use whatever comes to mind and is available:
    • Coins
    • Toys
    • Stationery
    • Mobile phone
    • Baking items
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Art supplies
    • School supplies
    • Gardening tools
    • Any tools
    • Microphone
    • Magazines
    • Movie tickets or dvds
    • Cards or board games


  1. Collect a few items and place them in a box or bag where they are not immediately visible to the children.
  2. Teach the Bible lesson and introduce the thought that you wish to expand upon.
  3. Bring out the first item and ask the children how the item might relate to that thought.
    1. Encourage them to think for themselves and be creative.
    2. Listen carefully and try to relate the conversation to what the children experience in their own lives.
    3. As the children talk about abstract concepts gently guide them to think about their own personal choices in these situations.
    4. Be prepared to guide the conversation so that it remains relevant to the topic.
  4. One-by-one discuss each of the items you have brought with you.  Always guide the conversation back to what you have been learning from God’s Word.
  5. See examples below.

Examples of How Various Items Might Stimulate Conversation:

  • Lesson: The Lord Speaks from a Burning Bush
    Theme: Complaining

    • Money: How might people complain about money?
      Possible examples children might bring up: Complaining that you don’t have more money.  Begging and annoying parents to give you more.  Complaining because you don’t have as much as someone else.
    • Cleaning Supplies: What are some ways people complain?
      Possible examples children might bring up: Complaining because you have to clean your room.  Whining that your mother makes your clean even though your friend doesn’t have to.
    • Board Game: How might people complain during a game?
      Possible examples children might bring up: Complaining or crying if you lose.  Complaining because no one will play with you.  Complaining because you have to put it away.
  • Lesson: Dorcas Was Raised from the Dead
    Theme: Helping those who are in need

    • Stationery: How can this help those in need?
      Possible examples children might bring up: If someone can’t read or write you could write a letter for them.  Write a note to tell someone you volunteer to rake their garden for them.  Write a poem to make a sad person happy.
    • Baking Items: How could this relate to helping those in need?
      Possible examples children might bring up: Cooking for someone who is sick.  Baking a cake for someone who is sad.  Helping your mother cook when she is tired.
    • School Supplies: How could these relate to helping those in need?
      Possible examples children might bring up: Going to school to learn to be a doctor.  Providing supplies to children who cannot afford them.  Sharing your crayons with someone sitting next to you at school.


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