Prayer Sticks

Colorful popsicle sticks over white background (Shallow depth of field)

Prayer requests written on craft sticks encourage children to pray in this activity.

How to Prepare the Craft Sticks

  1. Provide the children with a writing pen or marker and a collection of craft sticks, recycled popsicle sticks or even strips of heavy paper.
  2. As the teacher and children talk about the importance of prayer the children (or the teacher) can write prayer topics on the craft sticks. Write only one request on each stick.
  3. Collect the sticks and place them in a mug or any container.

Ways to Use the Prayer Sticks to Teach about Prayer

  • At prayer time guide the children in drawing out the prayer sticks. Each child prays for the request that is written on the stick he or she has drawn.
  • Use this prayer method over a number of weeks. As prayers are answered move the sticks to a different container.
  • From time to time pull the sticks out of the “prayers answered” container and praise God for how he has heard and answered our prayers.

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