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Teaching Infants and Toddlers

Welcome!  Most of the teaching material on this website relates to children aged three and older, but the section you have now clicked on is specific to the learning needs of Infants and Toddlers (ages 0-2 years).



Curriculum Downloads:

You may download and use these infant and toddler lessons free of cost for your personal or church use, but please do not otherwise reproduce or distribute them without direct permission from Mary Nelson at
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god-created god-is-with-me my-friend-jesus

Finding My Feet

Finding My Feet is an infant and toddler curriculum that marks the beginning of a life-long discipleship journey and walk with God.   The Finding My Feet lessons are written by Mary Nelson specifically for infants and toddlers aged 0-2 years and are made available free on this website.

40 thoughts on “Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers- Ages 0-2

  1. Thank you for these lessons. I love these them and have been looking for toddler lessons that are relatable to the littles ones. I would like to implement them at the beginning of the year, I see there are 18 free lessons, are you planning on any other series for this age group? Or is there a link to buy the others?
    Let me know! Blessings

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying this curriculum for infants and toddlers. I hope to add another theme to the series but I just haven’t found the time to do that. Someday! Meanwhile, repetition is the best thing for this age group. I teach each lesson twice and then repeat the Creation theme twice during the year. This covers the year.

  2. Hello Mary!
    Thankyou for all your hard work o these toddler lessons. Beautiful that’s all I can say! And such an answer to prayer for our church. We will be starting term 1 next Sunday. Truly excited to bring these little ones lessons they can really experience.

    I did have a question I noticed you mentioned you were working on a Noah series a while back for term three. But I do t see it with the other three series. I would LOVE if you finished it to be able to use that along with the other three terms!

    Please let me know and Thankyou again.
    Thankyou for your passion and love for these little children

    1. Hello Eileen,
      Thanks for your encouraging words. I hope your class goes well. Those Noah lessons are still on my to-do list. I’m afraid my list is just too long!

  3. I have been at my church now for almost 7 months and they are now getting ready to get their nursery going as I would like to show this to the pastor’s wife and see what she would think about using this and being in charge of the nursery as I am working on becoming a youth ministry pastor through Christian Leaders Institute.

    1. Hi Michele
      That sounds wonderful. It encourages me to hear your desire to step up. The children will be blessed!
      May God bless you, Mary

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