Demonstration Video for Teaching Infants and Toddlers


The following is a video introduction to what happens in an Infants and Toddlers Bible Class.

Special thanks to Virginia “Vivi” Vitalone ( for filming and editing.

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7 thoughts on “Demonstration Video for Teaching Infants and Toddlers

  1. Hello. Thank you so for this video. I would like to see a video where there is a few more kids…maybe like 10 kids and how we go about teaching them. It’s easy to teach 1 child but when their is 10 kids and 4 volunteers helping, how do we go about teaching them this lesson as some kids are crying, some play, some just want to be carried.

    1. Hi Shireen

      Are you SURE you would want to see a video like that? 🙂

      This demonstration was more about introducing the idea of teaching infants and toddlers. If you have 10 infants and toddlers and 4 helpers then I would say you are ALL IN already!

      I would love to correspond with you about your particular situation so please email at I hope you don’t think I’m crazy but, If you have enough practice, space, furniture and trained helpers then teaching a number of infants and toddlers can sometimes be more fun and even easier than teaching one. Everything you do for one child you just repeat for the others. The children get to enjoy watching what is going on and there is hardly ever a “dull” moment. You’ll also find that your teaching time flies!

      Your helpers are KEY. They should fade into the background and never draw attention away from you and what you are teaching at the table. If they talk among themselves or talk to you while you are teaching then the situation becomes difficult. When a child will not settle then a helper can quietly pick them up and console them and then encourage them to participate again as soon as possible. A child can be in someone’s arms but still be watching you. When you bring out things to touch and hold then place the items at the child’s empty seat instead of handing them them to a child away from the table. If your teaching table is inviting this should “tempt” the child back to the table.

      Teaching one or many infants and toddlers is challenging. Expect to have great days and then the days when things don’t go as well.

      All the best in your teaching!

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