Seminars and Training Workshops



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Although the main work of the Mission Bible Class Ministry is accomplished through providing free online resources I am also able to conduct a limited number of training workshops each year as funds permit.  An important factor in selecting a location or host for these events is that there is a multiplying component.  This may mean a central location where people from a number of congregations might gather or it may be one congregation, organization or gathering that has widespread influence in helping others.

  • Workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of training schools, larger established congregations, small house churches or home groups.
  • Active teachers as well as interested parties are welcome. Teachers (current or prospective), parents, church leaders and missionaries can benefit.
  • Mission Bible Class Workshops are designed to be interactive, fun and a blessing to those who attend.


A Successful Mission Bible Class Workshop Will…

  • Enhance what is already being done in local churches
  • Empower local Christians to use methods and resources that fit local culture and language
  • Encourage participation by both current and prospective teachers
  • Arm attendees with knowledge and skills for passing the faith on to the next generation
  • Introduce attendees to free resources that the church can continue using after the workshop
  • Be enjoyable and encouraging!

2019_MBC Workshop Purpose and Design