Song Cards for Bible Class

  • In this video you will learn how to make song cards so that children can choose which songs to sing in class.
  • Song cards can be adapted to any story, age group or teaching situation.


  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Pen or Pencil
  4. Tape or Blue-tac
  5. Links to Song Videos


  1. Choose songs you would like to sing in class.
  2. Mark off squares on a paper.
  3. Write song titles (or draw pictures depicting them) on the squares.
  4. Cut the squares out to form cards.

Various Ways to Use the Cards:

  1. Tape the cards to a wall or board.  Children take turns choosing a card to be sung in class.
  2. Simply lay the cards on the table (face up) and let the children choose a song to sing.
  3. Lay the cards face down on a table and let the children choose a song to sing.
  4. Fold up the cards and place them in a basket or bowl.  Children draw out a card to choose a song.
  5. Provide supplies and help the children make their own song cards.

Click here to listen to real teachers singing songs

5 thoughts on “Song Cards for Bible Class

  1. In our preschool classroom, we have a song canister. The children take turns drawing objects from it that stand for songs. This would also work with the song cards, especially if they’re laminated–or a combination of song cards and objects. The canister is made from an empty cylindrical cardboard oatmeal container, covered with colorful paper and decorated. We cut the bottom off of a stretchy black sock, stretched one end of the remaining sock tube over the opening of the canister, and glued it in place around the opening. Of course, this isn’t necessary, but it adds mystery and more of a tactile experience for the kids as they reach through it to pull out an object. We placed objects inside that stand for various songs. “Zacchaeus” is a small stuffed man, “Jesus Loves Me” is a red plastic heart, “This Little Light of Mine” is a tiny flashlight, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” is a little plastic ball printed to resemble a globe, and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” is a smiley face drawn on a cardboard circle cut from a tissue box that happened to have a metallic finish on one inside. “The B-I-B-L-E” is a child sized Bible. Be creative with what you have around! When we are finished singing, we replace the objects inside the canister for next time.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful ideas for Bible classes!! I’ve been teaching a long time, but it’s so nice to have fresh ideas, for me and the children! Do you have any other Bible song cards? This is a great idea for the children to be able to tell me which songs they like. God bless you!

    1. Hi Mary

      Thank you for your kind words. We ALL need fresh ideas! I’m glad you’re finding some here.

      I’ll add your request to my “to do” list.

      Meanwhile, here is another idea. You could ask the children to help you make song cards to use for your class. If you provided index cards and markers then they could draw pictures of the songs on the cards. For younger children you could first write the titles of the songs along the bottom of the individual cards and they could draw the pictures. It may not look very professional but I have a feeling they (and you) might find them even more special.

      God Bless! And thanks for being a teacher.

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