The Life of Paul in 16 Lessons


From a blinding light to angry mobs to a shipwreck, the Apostle Paul’ story is one that involves devotion, determination and drama.

When these sixteen lessons from the life of Paul are grouped together children are better able to grasp how God used Paul and others to expand the reach of the good news of Jesus to far away places .

The lessons are already covered on this website within the book of Acts section but are grouped together here in case you would like to cover Paul’s Life as a theme. 

Each of these sixteen lessons listed below include:

  • A Bible lesson and teaching instructions
  • Practical and enjoyable activities to help children learn
  • Links to other online resources
  • A slideshow to view online or download and use
  • The same slideshow in .pdf if you choose to download and print
  • An online video depicting the story from Paul’s point of view

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Ideas for Teaching These Lessons:

  • Expanding on the corresponding books in the Bible as Paul establishes churches.  For example, when you teach about Paul in Ephesus you and the children could read some verses from the book of Ephesians.
  • If you are teaching a series of lessons about Paul then you might could draw an outline of him on a large poster or paper and then add descriptive words about him each time you study a new lesson (printable picture here). Alternatively, you might draw a new outline shape of him each week on a whiteboard or even with a stick in the sand (if you are outside) and guide children in adding descriptive words or events inside the outlined shape as a review.
  • Display maps so children become familiar with the places Paul went.
  • Provide a map to students so they can trace the journeys themselves.

First Journey Maps




Second Journey Maps

Third Journey Maps




The Trip to Rome

This map can be used in telling the story of Paul's Trip to Rome (and Shipwreck) Acts 27:1-28:16

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