Teaching Children: Where Do I Start?


Tell the Story!

This website is based on story.  Although it is a collection of over 170 Bible Stories it is actually only one story, the Story of God as Revealed by Him in His Word.

The purpose of Mission Bible Class is to help you share God’s Word with children of all ages.  Use and adapt these free resources to teach any age group in all kinds of teaching situations.

A well-told Bible story is the most natural and inter-generational method of sharing the Word of God.  God bless you as you tell the story!

Additional Free Teaching Materials

Finding My Feet: Most of the teaching material on this website relates to children aged three and older but infants and toddlers aged 0-2 years have specific learning needs.  Click here for free curriculum for infants and toddlers.

https://missionbibleclass.org/family-bible-time/about-family-bible-time/Family Bible Time: The Bible is for all ages!  Adults and children can interact together in these “Family Bible Time” lessons.  Many of us desire a more natural family setting for Bible study from time to time at home or in small groups but know that a meaningful gathering can be challenging.  These lessons are not all about adults OR all about children.  They are about generations spending time in God’s Word together. Click here for free Family Bible Time lessons.


204 thoughts on “Teaching Children: Where Do I Start?

  1. Thank you Mary I am from India and have been following your resource to teach our Sunday School kids and it has been very helpful to me.
    The kids are enjoying the slides as i am teaching them online thank you so much for your effort.
    we don’t have teaching materials available here and your resource has helped me very much.

    Praise be to God most high.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know you are using the resources where you are. May God bless you and the children you teach. Niver stop trusting in God!

  2. Thank you! I am leading a children’s ‘VBS’ in Tanzania, and needed bible stories to share for our group lesson time. These are great, The illustrations will really add a lot.

    1. Thanks for letting me know how you are using the website resources. It makes me happy to know you are able to use them in Tanzania. I’d love to see a photo of you in action!
      May God bless you as you share, Mary

    2. Hello Brian. Good morning (Lagos Nigeria time 8:34am). Thank you for reaching out with this feedback and the good work you are doing in Tanzania.

      May the Lord bless and grant you more grace for Excellence Services in your Mission Outreach through the Vacation Bible School (VBS) Program.


      OKPURHE-OBIRE, Okiemute
      Chief Executive Officer
      Heritage Home Int. Services

  3. Thank you so much for the Google slides. I am teaching virtually and in person. We have some children who are medically compromised so they have to watch from home. Being able to put the slides on the TV screen makes the pictures large enough that those watching from home can see and follow the lesson. I really appreciate this!

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