Methods, Tools and Songs


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Songs for Bible Class

Lesson Plan Templates


Visual Aids and Ways to Tell the Story

Arts, Crafts and Drawing

Movement and Dance

Games and Learning Activities

Life Application Activities

Memory Verse Activities 

Review Games

Prayer in Bible Class


18 thoughts on “Methods, Tools and Songs

  1. i haven’t taught children in a while, I’ve been teaching adult. We began our planning for VBS, and I remembered your site, but the source where I originally found you has changed, so I had to contact them for help in rediscovering you. I’d forgotten what a rich source you are! Thank you so much for your comprehensive covering of Bible topics!

  2. This is the most beautiful site giving the Word of God for Children I have found online. Our home school of 4 children at Dryden School of Advanced Academics, teach the Word of God as the very first lesson in the morning. It is the blessing given to the children to start the day with God on their minds throughout the day, ending with prayer in the evening. These lessons have enriched our children’s lives during their home schooling routine with each of their curriculum lessons based on the lesson used through this site, during the day.

    I believe God is speaking to all of us to reach out and teach our children everything we can about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and His coming. I believe our time is near, and His coming is close at hand. This is why I encourage all parents to find a source such as this to teach their children the loving Word of God.

    There is nothing more precious than feeling the love of Jesus Christ in your heart every moment of every hour. It is a feeling that is more wonderful than any gift ever received on earth. I appreciate these lessons to add to our curriculum as time is so short and having a place to go to for information to share with our children is such a blessing. The information I have found has been true to the teachings of the Bible and does not deviate to worldly beliefs. This is the most decisive reason why I have chose this ministry for teaching my grandchildren the Word of God.

    Supporting this ministry is something I will find a way to do, whether through purchases or by offerings. Thank you so very much for sharing God’s Word. This is much needed in a world where many so called “Ministries” only share information if one pays for every piece of information shared. I don’t believe Jesus ever charged for His Word. However, I understand the cost to maintain the site and the time it takes to prepare worksheets and lessons. Therefore, paying for unique information or supporting the ministry by making offerings is a great way to support the ministry and keep the information available to everyone in the world.

    Blessings to everyone in the Ministry and I will keep each of you in my Prayers.

    1. Dear Deborah

      Thank you for your very encouraging message. It is my absolute joy to share these resources online and it is so good to know you are using them for both school and home.

      Thank you for condidering helping Mission Bible Class. Everything on the website is free but donations help keep it that way! I’ll paste the instructions here if you would like to make a donation.

      May God continue to bless you as you share His Word with the children in your life,
      Mary Nelson

      1. Thank you for letting the Lord use you to spread the gospel to our youth. I have been truly encouraged and blessed in sharing this material with our congregation. May God continue to bless you with this endeavor.

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