Life of Christ (Middle)

1_Healing Noblemans Son Healing of the Nobleman’s Son

John 4:46-54
Theme: Believe the words of Jesus
Memory Verse: John 20:30-31

2_Jesus Preaches in Nazareth Jesus Preaches in Nazareth
Luke 4:14-31
Theme: Encourage those who preach the word of God

3_Jesus Heals Man By Pool Healing of the Man by the Pool
John 5:1-15
Theme: Jesus cares when we feel hopeless or sad

4_Sermon on Mount The Sermon on the Mount
Matthew chapters 5-7
Theme: Treat others well
Memory Verse: Luke 6:31

5_Sinful Woman The Sinful Woman
Luke 7:36-50
Theme: Forgiveness

6_Jesus Calms Storm Jesus Calms the Storm
Luke 8:22-25
Theme: Jesus’ power over nature

7_Healing Demon Possessed Man Healing of a Demon-Possessed Man
Mark 5:1-20
Theme: Jesus is stronger than Satan

8_Jesus Raises Jairus Daughter Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter
Mark 5:21-43
Theme: No problem is to big for Jesus

9_Feeding 5000 Feeding of the Five Thousand
John 6:1-14
Theme: Jesus power to care for us

10_Jesus Walks on Water Jesus Walks on Water
Matthew 14:22-33
Theme: Faith
Memory Verse: Hebrews 11:6

11_Transfiguration The Transfiguration
Matthew 17:1-13
Theme: God wants us to listen to the words of Jesus

12_Mary and Martha Mary and Martha
Luke 10:38-42
Theme: Listening to Jesus- attending church



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