What is Mission Bible Class?

The Vision of Mission Bible Class

Christians around the world equipped to value and spiritually nurture children.

The Mission

To Equip

…individuals and churches globally through:

  • Practical biblical teaching resources free on the web and
  • Training in simple teaching methods through the web and periodic seminars in strategic locations.

To Mentor

…and provide consultation for those interested in the spiritual formation of children

  • Missionaries and others who minister
  • Churches and leaders
  • Training schools
  • Apprentices

To Promote

…God’s plan for passing the faith on from one generation to the next through

  • Intentional conversation
  • Speaking engagements and
  • Social media.

What Mission Bible Class Values Most

Faithfulness to God

  • God is sovereign and His Word is essential for maturing faith.
  • Faith development is a life-long event. Developing a healthy relationship with God in childhood dramatically increases the likelihood of a balanced and life-long faith.

Respect for Children and Families

  • Childhood should be celebrated and appreciated.  Children are valuable to God in their own right and are not simply evangelistic tools to reach adults.
  • God is already at work in the hearts of children within their own families and communities. We are joining Him in His mission when we spiritually nurture children.
  • The parent/child bond should be respected and parents encouraged to be the natural and first models of a Christian environment. The church and Christians provide a partnership in training but do not replace the responsibility of parents to pass on the faith to their own children.

Acknowledgement of Culture and Community

  • God transcends culture and the teaching of children should be contextual to local people, environment and available physical resources.
  • Caring for, teaching and ministering to children should be conducted in a natural and positive manner so that providers themselves mature in their own faith and character through the process.

Mission Bible Class Vision_Mission_Values (To print)


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