Acts (the Gospel Spreads to the Jews)

Great Commission and Ascension 
Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:8-11
Theme: Tell others about Jesus.
Memory Verse: Matthew 28:19-20
Sermon at Pentecost
Acts 1:12-2:41
Theme: How the church began
Memory Verse: Acts 2:38
The First Church
Acts 2:42-47
Theme: The church is people and not a building
Healing of a Man Who Could Not Walk
Acts 3:1-4:22
Theme: Helping those who are physically challenged
Ananias and Sapphira
Acts 5:1-11
Theme: Lying
The First Deacons
Acts 6:1-7
Theme: Church leaders
The Stoning of Stephen
Acts 6:8- 8:1a
Theme: Standing up for right when others disagree
Simon the Sorcerer
Acts 8:9-25
Theme: Miracles
Memory Verse: Galatians 6:10
Philip and the Ethiopian
Acts 8:4-5, 26-40
Theme: How leaders help us understand God
Paul (Saul) Becomes a Christian
Acts 9:1-33;22
Theme: Admitting wrong and changing your life
Dorcas is Raised from the Dead
Acts 9:36-43
Theme: Helping those in need

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  1. We have been teaching the book of Acts in our Children’s Church and your website has been invaluable yo me thank God for your devotion to children’s ministry

    1. The book of Acts is such a great book to teach children. I’m so glad the website has been helpful to you in you Childrens’ Church. May God bless you as you teach.

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