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Note: Click on the links below to hear volunteers singing.  These “how to” videos are here to help you learn songs for teaching the Bible to children.  Sing along with the video until you feel confident to sing the song by yourself.

These are traditional lyrics and tunes and Mission Bible Class does not claim to be the original composer.


A generous person using this website wanted to share the songbook (below) that they compiled.  It is in English and is formated to print on “letter size” paper as used in the USA. Click to download.

Anytime Songs

Bible Songs

Jesus Songs

Joy Songs

New Testament Songs

Old Testament Songs

5 thoughts on “English Songs

  1. the the songs , but is there any way i can copy or download the lyrics ? thanks Judy

    1. Hi Judy. Yes, you can do that in a few different ways depending on the computer or phone you are using.

      1. You could select the text and then cut and paste it into a Word document. You could then print it out.

      2.Find the two icons to the right between the title and the video. Click on the print icon to print or the other icon to produce a pdf document to save.

      3. Same as number 2 but using the same 2 icons as they appear at the end of the text (to the right).

      I hope that helps.

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