Pass the Parcel Game


This great kids party game can be adapted to any lesson!

A wrapped gift is passed from child to child until the music stops.  The child holding the gift unwraps it and finds instructions written on a card.  The child completes the action and then the music starts again.  This is repeated until a final wrapped prize is revealed.

Keep this simple and inexpensive and you will use it over and over.


  1. Action cards (print out these instructions and cards or make your own out of any paper).
  2. A prize.  This can be a candy bar, bookmark or an inexpensive toy.
  3. Wrapping paper.  Any scrap paper will do.  Boxes aren’t needed.  Try used wrapping paper, newspaper, grocery bags, or even paper towels or toilet paper!
  4. Tape
  5. Music or someone to sing


  1. Make “action cards” by writing various review questions, applications and instructions on cards or paper and cut them out.  Instructions and printable cards here.
  2. Wrap the prize with wrapping paper.
  3. Tape one of the action cards on the wrapping paper and then wrap it all again.
  4. Keep repeating this again and again so there is a parcel within a parcel within a parcel… It can also be fun to include a small lollie/candy in some of the layers of wrapping paper.

How to play:

  1. Children sit in a circle or around a table.
  2. The teacher or appointed person will play music or sing while the children pass the parcel around the circle.  When the music stops the child holding the parcel unwraps the first layer of paper and then follows the instructions written on the card.  (If you placed a lollie/candy in that layer then the child gets to have it too).
  3. Once the child has completed the action the music begins again and the parcel is passed around the circle again.  When the music stops then the child holding it opens the next layer of paper and follows the instructions on that card.  Repeat these steps until one child finally unwraps the last one and receives the prize.

Action Card Examples to Adapt:

  1. Name a character in today’s Bible story.
  2. Name the book of the Bible where today’s story is found.
  3. What lesson have you learned from today’s Bible story?
  4. What can you do this week to please God?
  5. Tell the class one thing you love about God.
  6. Tell the class where you would like to take Jesus if he came to visit your house today.
  7. Name a bad person in the Bible.
  8. Recite a verse from the Bible.
  9. Sing a song about God or Jesus.
  10. Lead the class in singing a verse of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.
  11. Act out a Bible character (no sounds).  Keep acting until the class guesses who you are.
  12. Name a Bible character that begins with the letter “M”.
  13. What was the name of the first man?
  14. In what country were God’s people slaves for 400 years?
  15. Name one of the judges in the Bible.
  16. Which book of the Bible tells about a famous queen who saved her people?
  17. Where was Jesus born?
  18. Name the 12 apostles.


2 thoughts on “Pass the Parcel Game

  1. I love looking at stained glas windows in some of the big churches-they are so spectacular sometimes. I realized one day while looking at one that from the outside they are dark and and and almost cold looking but viewed from inside the church with the sunshining through they are beautiful. I thought how we are the same-we can be dark and cold appearing from the outside but when the light of Christ shines through us we reflect His love and beauty. To illustrate this our Sunday school class made ‘stained glass’ windows.
    You need a roll of clear Contact paper, a roll of colored tape and colored tissue paper.
    Cut the Contact paper into your desired length. I made ours to fit the glass door to our SS room.
    Cut two pieces the same size
    Before class take one piece of the Contact paper, remove the backing and tape the top and bottom edges (about 1-4 inch) to a table the children can work at.
    Cut the colored tissue paper into different size and shape pieces. I allowed the children to also tear little pieces.
    Have the children stick all the different pieces of tissue paper to the sticky surface of the Contact paper.
    When it is completely covered use the second piece of Contact paper to cover the tissue covered piece. Use the colored tape to seal around all the edges. I attached a piece of string from each top corner to hang it up.
    The children were able to see how what a difference the light makes and they love hanging it up every Sunday. They also learned how the light of Christ can shine through us.

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