Acrostic Applications



  1. Pencil or pen
  2. Paper


  1. Read the scripture containing the lesson you have chosen and decide on the theme or thought that you would like to bring out and apply.
  2. Choose a key word (or words) and write the letters of the word vertically down the left side of the paper.
  3. Guide children in thinking of related words that begin with those letters.


  1. Ask the children to write their name along the side of the paper.  They can then list ways (starting with the letters of their name) they can apply today’s lesson in their own life.
  2. Have the children read the scripture and think of their own key word(s) to use.
  3. Younger children can draw pictures of things beginning with those letters instead of writing them.
  4. If children are going on to worship after your class then you could write an acrostic from today’s lesson and then, when they listen to the sermon, they can write words they hear that start with those letters.

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