Memory Verse Relay Game

In this active game teams of children race to correctly assemble a verse.  Play it “big and loud” for large or outside spaces.  Or play a quieter version across a room.



  • A Bible
  • A chosen verse from the Bible
  • Pen or markers
  • Index cards or paper cut to the size of cards
  • Tape or “blue-tac” to attach the cards



  1. Choose a verse from the Bible.  Note: The verse used in the video example above was: “So we say with confidence, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.  What can mere mortals do to me?’”  Hebrews 13:6, NIV
  2. Write the words of the verse along with the Scripture references on the pieces of paper.  If there are 2 relay teams then you will need 2 sets of these.  The verse will need to be broken down into parts in a way that the parts can be put back together as a whole during the game.
  3. Mark out a starting line and then place some tape by the board where the teams will be sticking up the words (or put tape on the cards beforehand).
  4. The teacher can prepare for this game before class or invite the children to help as part of the activity.


How to Play the Game:

  1. Read the memory verse together from the Bible.  Explain and talk about what the verse means.  Define any words that are unfamiliar.  Talk about how the verse applies to the children’s lives.  Guide everyone in saying the verse together a number of times to practice for the game.
  2. Place a set of cards at the starting line in front of each team.
  3. When you say “Go” children run up to the board, one at a time, sticking the cards on the board before running back to the starting line and tagging the next person on their team to do the same.
  4. Only one action allowed per turn (either place one card or switch two cards around).
  5. A winner is declared when one team’s verse is in perfect order, the entire team has regrouped at the starting line and is able to recite the verse in unison.


  • Write the verse on a large piece of paper and then cut the paper into puzzle pieces.  The children will put the puzzle back together during the game.
  • For longer phrases break the verse into phrases instead of individual words.  Again, the children will put these in order during the game.
  • Open Bible: Each team can have a Bible to check themselves as they go.
  • Memory Only:  The team must memorise the Scripture before the game begins.
  • Three Dimensional: Instead of writing the words of the verse on paper try writing them on other objects.  The larger the space you are in the larger the objects can be.
    • Write the words on large cardboard boxes so the children will have to stack them in order.
    • Write the words on balloons and then tie them on a line of string in order.
  • Unique Construction:  Instead of sticking papers on a board try these ideas:
    • Use clothes pegs to peg them on a rope.
    • Write one word at a time on a chalkboard or whiteboard.

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