Samuel Song



Verse 1
When Samuel was just a small boy in the Lord’s house. One evening he climbed into bed. Then he heard a voice speaking out in the darkness. And Samuel was all that it said.

Chorus (Repeat after each verse)
Speak, Lord for your servant heareth.
Speak, Lord for I am listening to you
I promise to say what you want me to say and to do what you want me to do.

Verse 2
Then Samuel rose quickly and ran into Eli to see what the old man might need. But the voice was not Eli’s. And Eli said frankly God’s voice is the voice that you hear.

Verse 3
The boy in the temple had learned a great lesson he used it when he was a man. Whenever God spoke Samuel said I am listening I’ll follow each step of your plan.

Verse 4
The years have now passed and the Lord is still looking.  Obedient children he seeks and we must be ready. Just like little Samuel. To listen each time that he speaks.