Priscilla and Aquila

Scripture Reference: Acts 18:1-28

Story Overview: After leaving Athens Paul went on to the city of Corinth. While there he met Aquila and Priscilla, a Christian couple who made tents. Since Paul was also a tentmaker, he stayed with them. They made tents during the week and Paul preached in the synagogues each Sabbath (Saturday- a special day of rest for Jews). After about a year and a half Paul and Aquila and Priscilla moved to the city of Ephesus (later Paul wrote a letter- Ephesians- to this church.) Paul went on back to Antioch but Aquila and Priscilla stayed in Ephesus and made tents and taught people about Jesus. Once a man named Apollos was teaching about Jesus but had not heard what baptism really meant. Aquila and Priscilla invited him to their house and explained things to him so that he would understand better.

Suggested Emphasis: We should teach about Jesus and be good examples no matter what kind of job we have.

Background Study
Way to Introduce the Story
The Story
Review Questions
Craft and Activity Ideas
Online Resources

Background Study:

Click here for an overview of the Book of Acts

Paul's 2nd Missionary JourneyThe story of Priscilla and Aquila takes place during the last stages of Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey and the beginning of his 3rd Missionary Journey.  To spread the Gospel message Paul, Silas and Timothy had travelled across Asia Minor and entered into the new area of Macedonia.  After preaching in Athens, Paul will travel with Priscilla and Aquila to Ephesus before leaving them there and making his way back to the place where the trip began, the Antioch church.

work in progress…

Way to Introduce the Story:
Before class use blankets and sheets to form a tent in your classroom. When it is time to begin class ask all of the children to get inside the tent with you. “Today we are going to learn about some people in the book of Acts who had a job making tents. Why do you think people needed tents in the first century?” (Staying overnight when they travelled, room for extra guests, etc.) “How do you think tents were made since there were no sewing machines? Who wants to guess who one of the tentmakers was in the Book of Acts? Let’s listen to the story and find out!

The Story:

Review Questions:

  1. What was Paul’s job? Tent maker
  2. Who were the husband and wife who were tentmakers? Aquila and Priscilla
  3. In Corinth, Paul made tents during the week and preached in the synagogues when? Each Sabbath-Saturday
  4. When Aquila and Priscilla moved to Ephesus, they heard a man named Apollos preaching about Jesus. Why did they invite him to their house? He was not teaching correctly about baptism so they taught him so he would understand.

Craft and Activity ideas for the class (choose age appropriate ones):

  • Continue to add words to the “Paul” poster.
  • Finish tracing Paul’s second missionary journey on the map.
  • Make a “tent” out of sheets and blankets and let all of the children get inside when you tell the story today.
  • Sing: This Little Light of Mine or I Can Be a Missionary
  • List as many careers as possible. Let children describe how they can do each of these jobs in a way that pleases God. Example: Doctor- treat patients kindly, give free service to poor people, etc. Scientist- help show ways that God created the earth . . .
  • Make a collage showing different careers
  • Older children can write newspaper ads for jobs- listing Christian qualifications along with other job qualifications.
  • Find out more about tent making in New Testament times and share the findings with the class
  • If the weather is right and you are ambitious—plan an overnight class party and stay in a tent.
  • Craft: Make a relief map of Paul’s Journies featuring the place in today’s story. If you are studying about Paul’s journies over a few lessons then you could add more details to the map each time you learn about another stop on the journey. Instructions on how to make a relief map at
  • Check the Teaching Ideas page on this website for ideas that are adaptable to any lesson.
  • Acts_PaulFind other ideas on the Pinterest Board “Acts:Life of Paul”


Other Online Resources:


4 Responses to Priscilla and Aquila

  1. Debbie @ says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my blog posts! I really appreciate it!

    • Mary says:

      You have such a wonderful blog. I’ve linked it because I know there are lots of teachers who could really use your good ideas. Thank YOU!

  2. Don Jones says:

    Here is a story about AQUILA AND PRISCILLA that I put together with a Sunday School class:
    Aquila was a Jew from Pontus. He learned the skill of tent making from his father. He traveled to Rome and there met his wife Priscilla. Sometime around the year 40 AD they heard the Gospel and became followers of Jesus. They helped to establish the church in Rome. In the year 49 they, along with all the other Jewish people, were expelled from Rome by Claudius because of the unrest between the Jews and the Christians. They traveled to Corinth and set up their business there. Soon after they arrived, the Apostle Paul came to Corinth. Since Paul was also a tent maker, they invited him to stay and work with them in their business. For eighteen months they listened to the teaching of Paul about Jesus. It was at Corinth that Paul made a definite switch in his ministry and began to focus on the Gentiles.

    When Paul decided to leave Corinth and visit other places, Priscilla and Aquila accompanied him as far as Ephesus. Paul left Priscilla and Aquila in Ephesus to lead the church work there. They taught the believers the way of the Lord. One of their most notable disciples was Apollos, who came to Ephesus from Alexandria. Apollos was a skilled teacher but Priscilla and Aquila taught him more accurately in the Way and Apollos became a great leader of the church. Paul returned to Ephesus when the church continued to grow. During this time Paul’s life was in danger and Priscilla and Aquila risked their lives to protect him.

    After several years at Ephesus Priscilla and Aquila went back to Rome. Their training of the leaders had made them very influential in the Gentile churches. Some time later they returned to Ephesus where they assisted Timothy in the church there.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you, Don!

      I really like the way you put this together. You tell the story well and stick with the scripture without trying to embellish the story with extra material.

      Would you consider letting me add it to my website with the Priscilla and Aquilla lesson? I will reference your name but it would become part of my free material. I’m really committed to keeping this a free resource so I can understand if you have other ways you would rather use your story.

      Either way, thanks for sharing this in the comment section!

      God Bless,

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