How To Be a Better Teacher



No one is a PERFECT teacher!

But everyone can be a BETTER teacher.

Here are some ways to improve:

  1. Pray!  
    You will not be able to improve without God’s wisdom and help.
  2. Read the bible!  
    It doesn’t matter how good your teaching methods are if you are not accurately teaching the Word of God.
  3. Talk to children.
    Find out what they like to do in school.  Ask them how they like to learn.
    Tips on Talking to Children.
  4. Observe other teachers.  
    You will learn new things and find out which methods you would like to use and which methods would not.  Even the most experienced teacher can be energised by observing someone else teach.
  5. Read books and articles about teaching.  
    You will find books at the library, good Christian book stores, websites or Pinterest.  Ask other teachers what books they would recommend.
    Learn to discern.  Not every book in the library or every article on the internet is good. If you are not sure about something ask someone who is a mature Christian to help you understand.
  6. Try something new.
    If you do something the same way every time you will become even more bored than the children. Teaching Ideas Here.
  7. Practice!  
    You will never improve if you don’t give it a try.
  8. Spend extra time in preparation.
    If you are always preparing at the last minute then you will not improve.
    Step-By-Step Instructions here.
  9. Write a lesson plan.
    Taking the time to write it out often clarifies your thoughts and gives your class more focus.  And looking back at some of your previous lesson plans will often spark new ideas.  Try these Lesson Plan Templates
  10. Reflect on your teaching.
    As a teacher you will probably learn more than the children do!  After class take the time to think about what happened in your class.  If I teach on Sunday morning I often spend a little time Sunday evening reflecting.  What went well?  What would you do differently next time?  Teacher Reflection Template  Another way to do this is to ask someone to watch you teach and give you feedback.

I hope you will always try to improve as a teacher.   God bless you as you teach!


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  1. God is great.We are here to work on his given script. He will mark it when our assignment here is finished.
    How great thou art,God.

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