Teaching Children: Where Do I Start?

Tell the Story!  This website is based on story.  Although it is a collection of over 170 Bible Stories it is actually only one story, the Story of God as Revealed by Him in His Word.  Click here for complete list of stories and lessons.

The purpose of Mission Bible Class is to help you share God’s Word with children.  Use and adapt these free resources to teach any age group in all kinds of teaching situations.

A well-told Bible story is the most natural and inter-generational method of sharing the Word of God.  God bless you as you tell the story!

170 Free Bible Lessons for Children

118 thoughts on “Teaching Children: Where Do I Start?

  1. It thrills me to see how enthused you are about presenting God’s Word so that it will be exciting and relevant. That’s how I want the Bible to come through in my teaching. I have just downloaded the Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones bookmarks to give out this Sunday to my class, whose ages range from the late sixties to ninety.

  2. We have been using your lessons for our Sunday school, very thankful to have these well structured lessons and it has been helping both of the children and teachers greatly. Just would like to say thank you and may God bless you and give you wisdom to continue working on it as you are teaching all of us of God’s words by doing this great work!

    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Specifically, I am glad that the teachers are being blessed along with the children. I know I learn so much every time I prepare a lesson. It makes me so happy to know that you are finding these lessons helpful. May God bless you as you continue to share His Word with children.

      1. Are you Mary Nelson, who together with your husband, David shared life at the Grand Blanc Church of Christ in Michigan, USA? Your sons were little boys then.
        Shirlee Ritz McDaniel

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