Who’s Holding the Bag? Game

Today I had fun making a “how to” video for playing a review or application game for Bible class.

Two girls allowed me to video them explaining how to make a home-made rice bag that can be used for a variety of games in Bible classes.  Spending this fun morning with them reminded me again that we don’t need expensive teaching tools to share God’s with children.  We made a great game using rice, old socks and a little imagination.

Click here to see the video and complete instructions.

Pass the Parcel Game for Bible Class

Have you ever played the “Pass the Parcel” game at a birthday party?

It is a favourite here in New Zealand.

Every child I know loves this game so I have adapted it to Bible Class.

Here’s how it works.

  1. A wrapped gift is passed from child to child until the music stops.  Sometimes I just sing instead of playing music.
  2. The child holding the gift unwraps it and finds instructions written on a card (I call these “action cards”).  The action card might ask them to recite a memory verse or answer a question from the Bible story or act out a character and let the other children guess who they are.
  3. The child completes the action and then the music starts again.
  4. This is repeated until a final wrapped prize is revealed.

Keep it simple and inexpensive and you will use it over and over!

Read the full instructions and find printable action cards here.

Review Game: True or False Toss

In this activity children determine whether a statement is true or false and then toss an object into a container to score a point.

In the example above I used two of my big white plastic bowls from the kitchen for the containers and I rolled up a pair of socks to have something soft to toss.

This is a simple idea that can be adapted to any story and age group.

I like it because it can be set up absolutely anywhere using objects that are easily available.

Click here for full instructions, adaptations of the game and printable labels.

Drawing Contrasts as an Application Activity

Here’s a really simple idea to use in any Bible Class and you only need a pencil and piece of paper.  Children will compare two thoughts and apply the scripture you have been studying.

Click here for full instructions.

  • This simple teaching idea can be adapted to any story, age group or teaching situation.
  • In the video instructions I used the stories The Tower of Babel and The First Church as examples.