Pass the Parcel Game for Bible Class


Have you ever played the “Pass the Parcel” game at a birthday party?

It is a favourite here in New Zealand.

Every child I know loves this game so I have adapted it to Bible Class.

Here’s how it works.

  1. A wrapped gift is passed from child to child until the music stops.  Sometimes I just sing instead of playing music.
  2. The child holding the gift unwraps it and finds instructions written on a card (I call these “action cards”).  The action card might ask them to recite a memory verse or answer a question from the Bible story or act out a character and let the other children guess who they are.
  3. The child completes the action and then the music starts again.
  4. This is repeated until a final wrapped prize is revealed.

Keep it simple and inexpensive and you will use it over and over!

Read the full instructions and find printable action cards here.

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