Prayer Chains




Children love to make paper chains. These can be made with scrap paper or almost any kind of coloured paper one can think of. Use this simple and fun activity to teach the children about prayer.



How Children Make the Paper Chains

  1. Cut paper into long rectangular strips. As you cut the paper speak with the children about the meaning and importance of prayer.
  2. Guide the children in writing specific prayer requests on the slips of paper. One prayer request on each piece of paper.
  3. Staple or tape the ends of the papers together to form links of a chain.
  4. Connect the links to from a chain of prayer requests.

Ways to Use the Paper Chains to Teach about Prayer

  • Hang the chains in the room in the classroom and bring them down at prayer time.
  • The leader of the prayer prays for the requests listed on each link.
    Send the chains home with children so that they can use them at home.


Photo credit: “Paper Chains” by Stitchlily. Creative Commons via Flickr