Miracles versus Magic Tricks


In Bible Class I often teach stories involving miracles.  One such story is about the elderly couple, Zechariah and Elizabeth, who became parents despite the fact they were years past childbearing age.  The point I emphasise in the story is that nothing is impossible with God.  You can find details of that story in The Birth of John the Baptist.

Children love to see a “magic trick” but I want them to understand that a miracle of God is so much more than a trick a person does.  I searched online for “easy magic tricks for kids” and found a trick I could do for the children.  Once I performed the “magic” I showed the children how it worked.  I even helped them learn how to do it so they could “wow” their family and friends.

This provided me with an opportunity to talk about miracles of God.  Magicians perform tricks.  God does miracles.  Miracles are impossible for people.

I love bringing activities like these into my Bible class.  My hope is that, from now on, when they see a magic trick my students will think about God and His amazing, impossible miracles.

Another story where you might discuss miracles versus tricks is Simon the Sorcerer.

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5 thoughts on “Miracles versus Magic Tricks

  1. God does all the miracles, I am here to illustrate stores from the Bible with my tricks.( I do not need to give away the trick!)

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