Inductive Timeline for Children

The Essential Questions in the Inductive Bible Study method are:

  1. What does this Scripture say?
  2. What does this Scripture mean?
  3. How does this apply to me?

Here is a way to adapt the inductive method to a timeline.

Each week the teacher teaches the Bible Story and makes a point to read as much as possible straight from the Bible.  The teacher places a picture depicting the story on the board and then asks the children to respond using post-it notes.  This can be added to each week and used each week for review or prayer reminders.

  • Pink Post-it Note: A fact I learnt from this story
  • Blue Post-it Note: Something I learnt about God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit
  • Green Post-it Note: Something I should do or feel after this story

Click here for more about the Inductive Bible Method and how to use it for children’s Bible class.

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