Website Update


Next time you open you’ll notice a few changes to the look and feel.

Since I have two great interns working with me right now, we’re using the opportunity to update the look of the site. There are quite a few details to take care of so please let me know right away if you notice something is not quite right.

As always, may God bless you as you share His Word with children!


2 thoughts on “Website Update

  1. Thanks for your wonderful ministry! I have used your lessons off and on for a few years. Yesterday, when I went to print off the lesson plan for The Fall Of Jericho, it would only print smudged lines (no text or pictures). I thought the problem was with my printer but it prints everything else fine. I used the print button on the lesson and I tried downloading and printing with the same (non) result. Do I have to do something different to get it to print?
    Thanks, Veronica Dennis

    1. I’ve sent a separate email about updating the printer. I’ve had some other people print the lesson and they are able to do it. Any luck?

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