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Calling all Bible teachers…

Do you struggle to find time to prepare for your lessons?  I know I do.

I call myself a “Bible Teacher”, but sometimes, when I’m in a rush, I find myself spending less time studying the Bible and more time gathering craft supplies, planning activities, and preparing my classroom.  If I’m honest, I really want to study the Bible first and then get to the glitter and glue after that.

This is where the Bible, Glitter and Glue Podcast comes in. 

Each week we invite you to join two teachers as we study from the Bible and exchange ideas for creatively sharing God’s Word.  Episodes are 20-25 minutes in duration and directly connect with the bible lessons on this website. This means you can begin preparing for your class as you travel, while you are exercising, or as you are preparing dinner.

We’ve started at the beginning of the New Testament and our aim is to cover each of the 170 bible lessons on the website.  Check out some of our episodes below.

Podcast Co-Hosts

I’m so excited to be co-hosting a podcast with my husband, David. This is something new for both of us and we’ve been on a huge learning curve.

Mary (that’s me) is the founder of Mission Bible Class, a ministry that provides free resources to people who want to share stories from the Bible with children (that’s you).

Her interactive games, crafts, visual aids and teaching instructions are designed to be used without purchasing expensive supplies or printing volumes of paper.


David W. Nelson (that’s my husband) has been involved in Christian ministry for his entire adult life.  He has served as a preacher, a teacher, a missionary and an elder in his local church congregation.

David teaches various bible-related subjects at the South Pacific Bible College in Tauranga, New Zealand.  His qualifications include a Diploma of Preaching, a Bachelor of Religious Education, and a Master of Arts (Christian Ministry).


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  1. Both of you have been a blessing to the ministerial work I do at home with my family. Your lessons and podcast are very detail-oriented and easy to utilize. Thank you for all you do! May the Lord continue to bless you both miraculously!

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