Bible Stories and Suggested Themes

Creation Through Noah

Creation Story (Days 1-7 combined)
God Created the World
Day 1-God Created Light
Uniqueness of light
Day 2-God Created Sky & Water
Uniqueness of water and sky
Day 3-God Created Land & Plants
Uniqueness of land and plants
Day 4-God Created Sun, Moon, & Stars
Uniqueness of sun, moon, & stars
Day 5-God Created Birds & Fish
Uniqueness of birds and fish
Day 6-God Created Animals & People
Uniqueness of animals & people
Day 7-God Rested
Care for the environment
The Fall of Man
Satan and temptation
Cain and Abel
Giving our best to God
Noah Builds an Ark & Loads Animals
Follow God’s Instructions
The Flood and God’s Promise
God keeps His promises

Tower of Babel through Joseph

The Tower of Babel
God Calls Abram
Abram Gives Lot First Choice
Choices and consequences
Abraham’s Three Visitors
Trust God
Sodom and Gomorrah
Abraham Prepares to Sacrifice Isaac
Giving things up for God (sacrifice)
A Wife for Isaac
Marry someone who believes in God
Jacob, Esau, and the Birthright
Jacob Goes to Haran
Lessons learned from bad experiences
Joseph Sold By His Brothers
Getting along with siblings
Joseph in Egypt
Joseph Saves His Family

The Exodus through the Twelve Spies

The Birth of Moses
Love and protection within families
The Lord Speaks from a Burning Bush
Let My People Go!
Having a soft heart to please God
The Death of the First Born
Obedience- God’s instructions
Crossing the Red Sea
God’s power over nature
God Provides Water, Manna and Quail
God’s care and provision
The Ten Commandments
Be happy by following God’s rules
The Golden Calf
Obedience- God’s way not mine
The Tabernacle
Nadab and Abihu
God’s Holiness
Twelve Tribes and Twelve Spies
God gives strength to overcome obstacles

Conquering the Land

Moses Does Not Honour God
Obedience- Honouring God
The Bronze Snake on a Pole
Being content
Balaam and His Donkey
Encouraging words
The Death of Moses
Moses, man of God
Rahab Helps the Spies
Faith despite sinful past
Crossing the Jordan
Remembering what God has done
The Fall of Jericho
Obedience- Even if we don’t understand
Achan’s Sin
Cannot hide sin from God
The Gibeonite Trick
Making wise decisions
Conquering the Land & Fighting Giants
Elderly people can serve God

Judges and the Book of Ruth

Deborah the Judge
Women can serve God
Gideon and the Fleece
When we don’t feel good enough
Gideon and the Midianites
God helps us do His will
The Birth of Samson
Keeping promises
Samson and Delilah
Friendships- good and bad
The Death of Samson
Ruth and Naomi
Helping others
Ruth and Boaz
Changing family situations
God Answers Hannah’s Prayer
Samuel- Helper in the Tabernacle
Children can serve God
The Lord Speaks to Samuel
Listening to God

The United Kingdom

(Saul, David and Solomon)

Saul Becomes Israel’s First King
Being like God instead of others
King Saul Disobeys God
Do not blame others.
Samuel Anoints David
Do not judge by appearances
David and Goliath
Trust the Lord
Jonathan Helps David Escape
David Shows Mercy to Saul
Show mercy to others
David Becomes King
Obeying God is better than popularity
David Helps Mephibosheth
Be kind
David’s Sin with Bathsheba
Helping others be good
King Solomon’s Wisdom
Learn to be wise
Solomon Builds the Temple
Buildings where people worship God

The Divided Kingdom

(includes some prophets)

God’s Nation Divides
Listening to advice
God Takes Care of Elijah
God’s provision
Elijah and the Contest at Mt. Carmel
God is real
Jehoshaphat and the People Pray
God helps when we are afraid
Elijah and the Whirlwind
Elisha and the Widow’s Oil
Compassion to those suffering
Elisha Raises a Boy from the Dead
Helping those who preach about God
Naaman is Healed
Obedience- even when no one sees
Joash – the Boy Who Became King
Children can learn about God
Jonah and the Big Fish
Everyone deserves to hear about God
Isaiah Helps King Hezekiah Pray
God’s help when people make fun of us
King Hezekiah Prays for Health
Praying for the sick

End of Kingdom, Captivity and Return

(includes some prophets)

King Josiah
Read the bible regularly.
Jeremiah- Lessons from a Potter
God is in control
Jeremiah and the Scroll
Ezekiel & the Valley of Dry Bones
Daniel and the King’s Food
Saying no to things that harm our body
The Fiery Furnace
Do the right thing even if others do not
Writing on the Wall
Respect God
Daniel and the Lions
Good work ethic
Queen Esther
Using our blessing to help others
Return to Jerusalem-Temple & Law
God keeps His promises
Return to Jerusalem-Rebuilding Walls
Do the right thing despite others

Life of Christ (1)

(birth through early ministry-including John the Baptist)

Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus
Keeping our word
The Birth of John the Baptist
God can do what is impossible
The Birth of Jesus
Thank God for the gift of His Son
Wise Men and a Star
Giving honour to Jesus.
Boy Jesus Visits the Temple
Growing up in a Godly way
John the Baptist
Having a soft and repentant heart
Baptism of Jesus
Obedience- Making right choices
Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness
Temptation and Satan
Naming the 12 Apostles
Following Jesus
A Wedding at Cana
Miracles of Jesus
Jesus and the Moneychangers
Doing right when others disagree
Man Lowered Through the Roof
Good friends help us follow God

Life of Christ (2)

(middle ministry)

Healing of the Nobleman’s Son
Believe the words of Jesus
Jesus Preaches in Nazareth
Encourage those who preach
Healing of the Man by the Pool
Jesus cares when we are sad.
The Sermon on the Mount
Treat others well
The Sinful Woman
Jesus Calms the Storm
Jesus’ power over nature
Healing of a Demon-Possessed Man
Jesus is stronger than Satan
Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter
No problem is too big for Jesus
Feeding of the Five Thousand
Jesus power to care for us
Jesus Walks on Water
The Transfiguration
God wants us to listen to Jesus
Mary and Martha
Listening to Jesus-attending church

Life of Christ (3)

(late ministry through resurrection)

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
Jesus Blesses the Children
Caring for little children
Zacchaeus Meets Jesus
Changing to be good
Jesus Raises Lazarus
Jesus’ care when we are sad
The Triumphal Entry
The Widow’s Mite
(craft only, not a full lesson)
The Last Supper
God’s care through the ages
Night of Betrayal and Prayer
Praying for courage
The Trial of Jesus
Being blamed for things you do not do
Jesus is Crucified
Jesus was innocent but he was killed
Burial and the Resurrection
God makes bad things good
Breakfast on the Shore

Parables and Teachings of Jesus

Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builders
Obedience-God’s word
Parable of a Sower and the Seeds
Having a good heart
Parable of a Good Samaritan
Helping those in need
Parable of a Mustard Seed
Doing our small part
Parables of a Treasure & a Pearl
The value of God
Parable of Ten Bridesmaids
Jesus will return & take us to heaven
Parable of a Lost Sheep
Each individual is important to God
Parable of an Unforgiving Servant
Parable of a Prodigal Son
Parable of a Pharisee & Tax Collector
Jesus Teaches about Salt and Light
Do not be ashamed of our faith

Book of Acts (1)

(the Gospel spreads to the Jews)

Great Commission & Ascension of Jesus
Tell others about Jesus
Sermon at Pentecost
How the church began
The First Church
The church is people and not a building
Peter & John Heal a Man Who Could Not Walk
Helping the physically challenged
Ananias and Sapphira
The First Deacons
Church leaders
The Stoning of Stephen
Standing up for right
Simon the Sorcerer
Philip Teaches the Man from Ethiopia
How leaders help us understand God
Saul (Paul) Becomes a Christian
Admitting wrong & changing your life
Dorcas is Raised from the Dead
Helping those in need

Book of Acts (2)

(the Gospel spreads to the Gentiles)

Cornelius Becomes a Christian
God wants all to become Christians
The Antioch Church
Peter’s Miraculous Escape from Prison
The church prays together

Book of Acts (3)

(Paul Spreads the Gospel and Plants Churches in Asia and Greece)

Paul’s 1st Journey- Lystra
Dangers of following the crowd
Paul’s 2nd Journey-Macedonian Vision
Lydia Becomes a Christian
A Jailer Becomes a Christian
Rejoicing despite our circumstances
The Noble Bereans
Studying the Scriptures
Paul Preaches in Athens-Mars Hill
Priscilla and Aquila
Teaching about Jesus no matter our job
Paul 3rd Missionary Journey- Ephesus
God is stronger than sorcery
Eutychus Falls from a Window
Listening during church assembly

Book of Acts (4)

(Paul Spreads the Gospel from Jerusalem to Rome while he is a prisoner)

Paul Goes to Jerusalem
Courage to do what’s right
Paul’s Nephew Uncovers a Plot
Young people can serve God
Paul’s Trial
Telling others about Jesus
Paul’s Shipwreck
God will protect and give strength
Paul Writes Letters from Prison
Telling about Jesus through literature

Selected Lessons from the Epistles

Learn about God from a young age
The Christian Armour
God helps us fight Satan
Meaning of the Lord’s Supper
Remembering Jesus
The Chapter of Love
Showing love
Fruit of the Spirit
The Holy Spirit helps us obey God

41 Responses to Bible Stories and Suggested Themes

  1. Freda Mmutle says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful website and your hard work. it is now very easy to teach our Sunday school class with kids of various ages. may you be richly blessed

    • Mary says:

      Thank you, Freda. Teaching mixed-aged groups is always a challenge but also a blessing. I always think they mirror families more than schools and that’s a good thing.

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Angelia. It makes me happy to know you are using the material with your kids. May God bless you as you raise faithful children.

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