Teaching Children: Where Do I Start?

Tell the Story!

This website is based on story.  Although it is a collection of over 170 Bible Stories it is actually only one story, the Story of God as Revealed by Him in His Word.  Click here for complete list of stories and lessons.

The purpose of Mission Bible Class is to help you share God’s Word with children of all ages.  Use and adapt these free resources to teach any age group in all kinds of teaching situations.

A well-told Bible story is the most natural and inter-generational method of sharing the Word of God.  God bless you as you tell the story!

Additional Free Teaching Materials

Finding My Feet: Most of the teaching material on this website relates to children aged three and older but infants and toddlers aged 0-2 years have specific learning needs.  Click here for free curriculum for infants and toddlers.


https://missionbibleclass.org/family-bible-time/about-family-bible-time/Family Bible Time: The Bible is for all ages!  Adults and children can interact together in these “Family Bible Time” lessons.  Many of us desire a more natural family setting for Bible study from time to time at home or in small groups but know that a meaningful gathering can be challenging.  These lessons are not all about adults OR all about children.  They are about generations spending time in God’s Word together. Click here for free Family Bible Time lessons.







168 thoughts on “Teaching Children: Where Do I Start?

  1. Hi,I wishe I can find a mission class for my son he is 2 years old we leave in Richmond VA,please if anybody know where I can find I will be so happy❤️❤️❤️🙏👍thank you for ready mensagem.God bless us all.amen.

    1. Hi Christina,
      I’m asking around to see if I can find a class nearby. I’ll email you with some ideas soon.
      May God bless you and your son!

      1. Thank you so much for answer me back this is very important for me , you guys are amazing.God bless you

  2. It’s really helping me so much to teach Bible Knowledge lesson at my school in Indonesia. Thank you very much for the sources. Keep inspiring us. God bless you all

    1. Hello Ana, I’m so glad you are finding the materials helpful. May God bless you and the children you teach at your school in Indonesia.

  3. Hi there from outback Australia, I used the Boy Jesus in the temple outline in the Kids Spot before the sermon on the same topic but used 4 balloons to “grow “in wisdom etc, and how even the adults can grow or become deflated in their walk with God. Then while the sermon was presented the youth were asked to draw 4 examples of each area of growth….we are on holidays so Kids Church is integrated in main service..thanks for your resources..Jo Mihalic

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