Draw and Tell Visual Aids Made By Children


Example used in this Video:

Bible Story: Death of Samson


  1. One pencils, crayon or marker per child
  2. Blank paper
  3. Draw out your own grid for the scenes.  If you would prefer to print use these:
    1. Draw and Tell with 4 scenes.
    2. Draw and Tell with 6 scenes.
  4. Simple character drawing patterns (or draw your own)


  1. Select a Bible Story of your own or choose one of the Bible Stories on this website.
  2. Before class plan how you will divide the story into “scenes” and plan something the children might draw for each scene.  For example, if you were telling the story of Joseph in Egypt you might use: Scene 1-Joseph lived in Egypt so draw a picture of something you might see in Egypt (like pyramids or mummies).  Scene 2-Joseph was in prison with Pharaoh’s baker and butler so draw 3 men and prison bars .  Scene 3-Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream so draw a bunch of ZZZZZ’s to represent sleeping. Scene4- Jo eph became Pharaoh’s special helper and he wore Pharaoh’s ring (draw a hand with a ring on it).
    1. Be sure and practice this before class.
    2. Keep the number of scenes small for younger children. Older children might like to draw a number of them.
  3. Give one piece of paper and pencil (or crayon) to each child.
  4. Ask the children to mark off one square or shape for each scene in the story.  If you have planned for 4 scenes then the child will have 4 squares or shapes on their paper.
  5. Read the story from the bible (or tell it in your own words) and pause at the end of the “scene” and guide the children in drawing that scene.
  6. Continue reading, pausing and drawing until the children have completed the story.
  7. Have the children share what they have drawn and explain it to the class.  Each time they tell the story again they are reviewing it!


  1. Make it a group effort: Draw the squares on a chalkboard, whiteboard or large paper and assign the children to various scenes.
  2. You can draw the scenes yourself as you tell the story.
  3. Invite a guest artist to draw the scenes as you tell the story.
  4. Draw a part of each scene in the squares and let the children complete the picture.  For example, draw an appropriate number of faces in the squares and ask the children to fill them in with facial features depicting the expressions of the people in the story.
  5. Be imaginative and think of various shapes instead of squares.  For example, ask the children to draw big barrels when you are telling the story of Jesus turning water to wine at the Wedding at Cana.  Or ask them to draw 5 fish shapes when you are telling the story about Jesus and the Feeding of the Five Thousand.
  6. A pre-printed version of this activity can be found with the story: Peter and John Heal a Man Who Could Not Walk.

4 thoughts on “Draw and Tell Visual Aids Made By Children

  1. I love this idea. We’re going to use it this week in Sunday School for varied ages 4-12 and I look forward to seeing the different drawings the children come up with on their own.

    1. I have used this idea over and over and it is a winner every time. I hope your kids in Sunday School enjoy it!

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