About Mission Bible Class


To Equip

…individuals and churches globally through:

  • Practical biblical teaching resources free on the web and
  • Training in simple teaching methods through the web and periodic seminars in strategic locations.

To Mentor

…and provide consultation for those interested in the spiritual formation of children

  • Missionaries and others who minister
  • Churches and leaders
  • Training schools
  • Apprentices

To Promote

…God’s plan for passing the faith on from one generation to the next through

  • Intentional conversation
  • Speaking engagements and
  • Social media.

Mission Bible Class Vision_Mission_Values

6 thoughts on “About Mission Bible Class

  1. Thanks God I’ve got the way through this site that I wanted and desired.all the praise and glory to God Amen

    1. Wow thankyou this resource it looks amazing. I’m in Paraguay for 2 years serving as missionary and primary Trinity english teacher at a private Christian school in Py and will have the opportunity to tell daily bible stories using the oral bible storytelling method from STS. These resources on ur website will allow me to mentor so well and help the primary teachers to really add interest to the stories I tell.

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