True or False Toss Review Game


In this activity children determine whether a statement is true or false and then toss an object into a container to score a point.

In the example above I used big white plastic bowls for the containers and I rolled up a pair of sacks to have something soft to toss.


  1. True or False Labels (print these or just hand-write your own)
  2. Tape to attach the labels
  3. Two containers (bowls, boxes, baskets, buckets or whatever you have on hand).
  4. Something to toss.  This could be a ball, soft toy, rolled up socks or whatever you have on hand.
  5. A list of questions to ask.  You can find review questions by looking up any Bible Story on


  1. Cut out the labels (or use your own) and attach them to the containers with tape.
  2. Tell the children where to stand.
  3. Call out a statement from the story you have just covered.
  4. Child tosses the object into the “True” or “False” container depending on their chosen answer.
  5. The child or team earns a point for the object landing in the correct answer container.  If the child misses (wrong answer or misses the target) then the next child gets a chance.


  1. You can adapt this game for various ages by making the exercise easier or more challenging.  Use smaller containers and items to toss for older children.  Ping-pong/table tennis balls are lots of fun for this.  Older children coul also stand a larger distance away from the container when they toss the object.
  2. Instead of containers you can just place paper on the floor and let the children toss coins onto them.  The coins must land on the paper for a correct answer.
  3. Instead of “True and False” you can use various choices or anything that relates to your story.  Here are a few ideas but I’m sure you can think of your own:
    1. Old Testament or New Testament:  Call out characters, events or even Books of the Bible and let the children toss the object into one of those two containers.
    2. Right Choice or Wrong Choice: Describe situations that relate to a child’s world and the children toss the object into one or the other container.
    3. Quote or Misquote: Read or recite a scripture (correctly or incorrectly) and children toss the object into one or the other container.

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