The Judges- Round and Round They Go


Recently I taught a set of classes about the time of the Judges.  The background to this time in history is one of a repeating cycle.  To illustrate the idea of a cycle that goes round and round I decided to use a hoola hoop.

Each week, as we studied our way through the Judges I used part of the class time to review this cycle.  Soon the children were able to explain this to the others in the class.  The rattle sound the hoola hoop made as it turned added to the fun.

How to Make a Wheel for Your Class

 If a hoola hoop is not available then use any circular object that can be rotated and used in the same way.  A bicycle wheel, hubcap, pizza pan or a round piece of cardboard would work just as well.

Write each of the stages of the cycle on thick card and tape them to the hoola hoop to form something like a wheel that can be rotated round and round.

Now it is time to review the cycle with the children in your class.  Turn the wheel as you tell about each stage. (To remind you of what to say write the following notes on the back side of the papers.)

    God protected his people as they obeyed him.
  2. FORGET:
    Then the people strayed from God and even started worshipping false Gods.
  3. HURT:
    Because they left God they also left his protection.  When the enemies began to hurt them they had no protection from God.  This was a terrible time.
  4. HELP!
    Finally, after so many bad things were happening, the people realised their mistake and cried out to God for help.
  5. JUDGE:
    Even though the people forget God, God never forgot his people. When his people cried out for help he would send a hero (called a Judge) to save the day and turn them back to him. Sometimes these heroes were soldiers, sometimes they were very clever.  At least once they were a bit wild and crazy (Samson). God knew what kind of judge they needed.And the cycle continues…The judge would bring the people back to a time of safety with God (repeat number one again).  Sometimes many years would pass but then, the people began to forget again…(and this is where you continue to number two and so on).

Stories that Took Place During the Time of the Judges

1_Deborah Deborah the Judge

Gideon and Fleece Gideon and the Fleece

Gideon and Midianites Gideon and the Midianites

4_Birth of Samson The Birth of Samson

5_Samson and Delilah Samson and Delilah

6_Death of Samson The Death of Samson

7_Ruth and Naomi Ruth and Naomi


8_Ruth and Boaz Ruth and Boaz

9_God Answers Hannahs Prayer God Answers Hannah’s Prayer

10_Samuel Helper in Temple Samuel- Helper in the Tabernacle

11_Lord Speaks to Samuel The Lord Speaks to Samuel

7 thoughts on “The Judges- Round and Round They Go

  1. God bless you Mary,

    We rounded up our 2019 Vacation Bible School yesterday at Ikoyi Baptist Church Lagos Nigeria. This year we were able to develop our Curriculum and Theme Songs and the children were so excited, never wanted the program come to an end.

    Thank you again for the good work at Mission Bible Class


    OKPURHE, Okiemute
    Lagos – Nigeria
    Mobile: +234 0802 392 4488

  2. Thank you for these series of Bible stories for Children. I am thinking of creating a story time to excite the little children in our Family. And may be later in the future be able to relate well with the Kids at each of our Church Outreach & Mission Centers too

    God Bless you


    Okpurhe Okiemute
    Lagos – Nigeria
    Mobile: +234 0802 392 4488

    1. Thank you for your comment. I think a timeline is a great idea for teaching. I hope it works well for you there in Nigeria. May God continue to bless you.

  3. great idea, I did the hoola hoop to teach parables of Jesus. we hung each parable and the memory verses for that parabable from soda cans that hung from the hoop. bells were hung onto those. At the end we had a wind chime and made a presentation to the parents the last day. Kids enjoyed it.

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